Black rice with prawns

Menu of traditional Asturian food

Based on a menu of traditional Asturian foods, the culinary offer of La Mar Y Morena is much more than just the Best Cachopo (cordon bleu) of Asturias. Made for your enjoyment and based on local products, this Asturian restaurant located in the center of Oviedo, next to Gascona street, offers tapas to share such as artisan croquettes, fried fresh calamari, rice, barbeque octopus, artisan Asturian cheese, PGI “Ternera Asturiana” (Asturian Veal)… Dishes that make the most of the immense potential of the Principality of Asturias’ pantry. We defend small producers and artisans that have brought true, traditional flavors to today’s modern world.


  • Iberian cured ham “Montenevado” with bread and tomato 18,00 € / 12,00 €
  • Spider crab pie au gratin with shellfish mousseline 12,00 €
  • Slices of acorn-fed Iberian pork shoulder 16,00 €
  • Cecina (cured meat) from Astorga and goat milk croquettes 10,00 €
  • Tomato, watermelon and burrata cheese 14,00 €
  • Avocado and prawns tartare with tomato jam and strawberry vinaigrette 14,00 €
  • Varied lettuces with grilled scallops and mango 16,00 €
  • Sautéed cod, mushrooms and ‘pil pil’ leeks 15,00 €
  • Creamy omelette with hake and leeks 11,00 €
  • Fried eggs and chips with shrimps with garlic sauce and ‘gulas’ 13,00 €

Seafood dishes

  • Mussels 10,00 €
  • Grilled or braised baby squids 13,00 €
  • Grilled shrimps “Marimorena” 13,00 €
  • Charcoal-grilled octopus with parmentier 19,00 €
  • Fresh fried calamari 16,00 €
  • Glazed line caught squids 20,00 €
  • Cantabrian hake with sea urchin sauce 20,00 €
  • Cod au gratin with garlic and almonds 19,00 €
  • Fish platter acc. to catch of the day

Seafood platter – To share

  • Seafood platter: Prawns, shrimps, scallops, mussels, fried fish, calamari, baby squids, shrimp omelette with different sauces. Perfect for 2/3 people48,00 €

Rice dishes

  • Black rice: with prawns and cuttlefish 16,00 €
  • Rice with molluscs: cockles, mussels, scallops and prawns 17,00 €
  • Brothy rice with lobster, prawns, mussels and clams 19,00 €

IGP Asturian veal territory

We are the first restaurant to get the emblem that guarantees that all our veal meat comes from Asturias

  • Roast beef, peanut, mustard and honey 15,00 €
  • Boneless tail, mushrooms and sweet potato 16,00 €
  • Roasted rib 15,00 €
  • Veal escalope stuffed with apple and Beyos cheese 14,00 €
  • Organic ‘Bioastur’ entrecote 18,00 €
  • Old veal with smoked Pría cheese burger 10,00 €
  • Cachopos (Asturian Cordon bleu)

    • Traditional cachopo 19,00 €
    • Asturian valley veal, cured ham and Vidiago cheese and panko
    • Primitive cachopo 21,00 €
    • Winner of the Championship of Cachopos of Asturias 2017
    • Asturian mountain organic veal, La Peral cheese and Asturian country pork ham and spelt coat
    • From East to West 24,00 €
    • Winner of Regional Championship 2018
    • Asturian mountain organic veal, Gamonu, Red Afuega’l pitu and Taramundi wuth nuts cheeses, ham and spelt and corn coat

Tasting Menu

50,00 € / 2 people

  • Prawns coated with Joselito Iberian bacon
  • Braised octopus with revolconas (mashed potatoes with paprika and bacon)
  • Friesian veal fillet steak with deluxe potatoes and mushroom confit
  • La Peral cheese with apple paste
  • Nougat ice cream with hot chocolate

Shellfish Paella Menu

56,00 € / 2 people

  • Cured Iberian ham “Montenevado” with tomato bread
  • Grilled shrimps “Marimorena”
  • Brothy rice dish with shellfish
  • Gamoneu D’Onao cheese
  • Tiramisu with coffee ice cream

All our menus include White Wine Analivia. Appellation of Origine Rueda /or Red wine : Sentero. Appellation of Origine Toro /or Cider or Bodega Estrella Galicia beer

All prices include VAT

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