Cachopo Primitive of restaurant from Oviedo La Mar and Morena champion of Asturias of Cachopos next to some of its ingredients

La Mar y Morena

La Mar y Morena, a restaurant in Oviedo located next to Gascona street, in the historical center of the city, is an Asturian restaurant that offers the best seafood and meat of the Principality of Asturias. Its most popular dish is the Best Cachopo (cordon bleu) of Asturias, which won this award at the 2017 Cachopos of Asturias Contest. Those who visit our busy bar can enjoy seafood tapas, sautéed foods, magnificent croquettes, PGI “Ternera Asturiana” (Asturian Veal), a selection of raw milk cheeses, rice and a selection of wine and appetizers that offer an uncomplicated and fun experience.
Have a fun evening with friends in Oviedo and try some tapas, order rice with seafood to share with your partner in an enjoyable and modern space, or have a few glasses of wine at one of the most visited bars in the city. These are only a few culinary options this soulful space has to offer. We carefully select each seasonal product to offer the best to our customers every day.
From our terrace, where sunny days can be enjoyed in the historical center of the city of Oviedo to our wine and tapas bar, La Mar y Morena offers endless possibilities. With two separate dining rooms, we have spaces that accommodate all tastes. In addition, one of our dining rooms has its own bar and is ideal for celebrating group events or meals in Oviedo. Up to 50 people can enjoy our meals for groups, espichas (traditional Asturian meal), with accessible prices and the quality and service that our space is known for.
Barbecue octopus, sweet Spanish tortilla with hake and leeks, fried black angler, fresh fried calamari or European spider crab pate, are some suggestions the Cantabrian Sea has brought to our menu. From the Asturian mountains, guests can enjoy the best of Asturian cheeses, organic tomato salad from the artisan producer “Con Raíz” and tuna, fried eggs over cured ham and sliced roasted potatoes, fillet steak of Holstein Friesian veal with deluxe potatoes and mushroom confit or a hamburger made with PGI “Ternera Asturiana” (Asturian Veal).

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